Cleaning During the School Season

School is back in session. If you have children, that means your time is now split between packing lunches, helping with homework, driving to soccer practice and of course cleaning.

Unfortunately the last one might be put on the back-burner in favor of PTA meetings or simply just making it through the week. However, there are things you can do to set you and your family up for success. For short term cleaning solutions, this means adjusting your cleaning schedule. In the long-term, hiring a professional cleaning service will ensure that these tasks are always taken care of.

Staying the Course

Back to school causes a major disruption in your schedule. Everyone in the house is busier, including you, which makes less time for cleaning. It is important to integrate chores within everyone’s new schedules and make cleaning a priority. A clean environment can increase productivity and reduce stress. Even with this knowledge, your kids might not be so convinced. Here are a few tips to keep them on track:

Make it Fun

Though the word “chore” is often synonymous with “boring” and followed by, “I don’t want to,” there are ways that you can sell it to make chores more appealing. For instance, you can create a chore wheel. Everyone loves to spin wheels. Plus, having new chores that are assigned by chance instead of imposed on you makes it seem more like a game. Another way to convince your kids to help out cleaning is to time them. I used this technique on my younger sister almost everyday growing up. Whenever I wanted her to do something for me she always said no. Once I said, “I’ll time you,” the no changed to an enthusiastic “okay!” You can take it one step further by recording the times to see if your children can set new records. The easiest way to make cleaning more appealing is to offer incentives. This does not always need to be in the form an allowance, but can include more time spent on the computer, a chance to stay up a little later or dessert after dinner.

Get a Helping Hand

No matter if it is back to school time or not, cleaning can be a daunting task. When extra people are factored into the equation, it may feel chaotic. During the rush of the school season, your family may be coming in and out of the house – rummaging through the kitchen for an afternoon snack, sprawling out their homework on the living room floor, creating dirty laundry at a faster speed to avoid the trauma of wearing the same outfit twice in one week. Before this chaos becomes too much to handle, consider hiring professionals to lend a helping hand.

Professional cleaners like Lemieux’s Cleaning Company can provide you with the stability you need. You can customize a schedule that fits around the craziness of back to school season. Professional cleaners will keep your house at the same level of cleanliness no matter how busy your week is. Plus, with the majority of cleaning taken care of, you will have more time to spend with your family. More school may equal more chores, but more help equals less stress.

How You Know When to Hire Professionals

Is it Time to Hire a Cleaning Company?

Whether you’re a busy professional, parent or just a person with too much on their plate, there is no shame in admitting that you need help.

Especially when it comes to keeping your environment clean. Everyone already knows that a clean space is a happy and healthy one too, so why not reach for a helping hand when you need it? Everyone’s case is different. Perhaps you’re a perfectionist who has never dabbled with letting others take over. Outsourcing cleaning services could be a new thing for you, one that even seems scary. The only thing holding you back from perfecting your cleaning skills are the proper supplies. Quality cleaning services mean quality products. They may have access to professional equipment that is not available to everyone. Another scenario could be that you are not a perfectionist, but you still need a clean environment. You know that cleaning is not your forte, so realize that you need some extra help. No matter what the situation, it is often that there is just too much to do in too little time. The desire to clean is still there, but the resources aren’t. So what are you to do? Luckily, professional cleaners are experts in providing convenient and efficient service. Here are a few more reasons why professional cleaning services may be the best thing for you:

Consistent Quality

  • With cleaning services, you can expect a consistently clean environment. Scheduling is up to you, whether it’s once a week, once a month or once in a while.
  • After finding the right services, you can expect the quality of cleaning to remain. As long as you maintain a schedule, you can expect a clean space all the time!

Professional Cleaning Equipment

  • High quality cleaners come with high quality equipment. Professional cleaners have access to products and supplies that are a little more high tech than Windex.

You Can Focus

  • Outsourcing cleaning gives you more time to focus on what matters. For businesses, this can mean generating more revenue. As individuals you will no longer have to divide your time between what you want to do and the cleaning that you have to do.

Wide Variety of Service

  • Cleaning services like Lemieux’s Cleaning Company provide a range of services. It is important to communicate what you need from your cleaning service so that they can customize their duties just for you.

How You Know When to Hire Professionals

Alright, so you made the leap and decided it is time to hire professional cleaners.  What’s the next step? In order to ensure you have the best possible experience, it is important to research cleaning businesses before testing them out. Here are a few things to consider along the way:

Quality and Affordability

  • The two go hand in hand. Consider the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” in your search. There may be a reason some businesses charge more than others. However, working within your budget is also important.


  • Do you prefer working with a large company or a small business owner? The size of the company plays a part in how fast you get a response.

Customer Feedback

  • A company’s reputation should definitely play a part in your research. Utilize online resources as well as referrals.

Common Interests

Experience, Insurance Coverage and Background Check

  • Are they experienced? Research the company’s background and ask about the staff arriving onsite. Make sure that they have the proper insurance coverage and take the time to know the staff.

The time is now! Don’t wait to get a healthy and clean environment.

What Type of Cleaner are You?

Whether you are considered a “neat-freak” or perhaps the one to always leave your dishes in the sink, anyone can place themselves into a specific category of cleaner.

When taking a closer look at the cleanliness scale, we found that there are various types of cleaners: Clean and Organized, Organized and Messy, Disorganized and Clean and Disorganized and Messy. Perhaps you can identify with one or multiple categories. Or perhaps you don’t know what type of cleaner you are at all. We examined these types a little closer to help.

Clean and Organized

The ideal clean and organized person keeps a tidy space. It is one where everything has it’s own place, and there is a schedule made in order to maintain this level of clean.


– You may find this type of cleaner dusting a neatly stacked pile of color-coded books in their living room

– Dishes are always immediately washed after they are used

– Beds are made after waking up

– They may keep a schedule to keep them on track with cleaning tasks assigned to specific days and times

Pros and Cons

Well the obvious benefit is that everything will always be clean. Clean and organized people can maintain a neat and comfortable space for themselves and any visitors. The potential problem is when cleanliness becomes an obsession. Some people are clean and organized by nature while others feel a compulsion to have everything in a specific place. This may cause tension when living with other people who do not share the same compulsion. Also, cleaning may overload your schedule and become more of a chore than a lifestyle.

Organized and Messy

While these characteristics seem contradictory, there is room for both if you are this type of cleaner. An organized and messy cleaner likes things a certain way but does not always pay attention to every detail to maintain cleanliness.


– Ignoring laundry that is piling up on the floor until laundry day

– Making lunch the night before but skipping making the bed in the morning

– Filing away papers in a binder that is used as a coaster the next week

Pros and Cons

Being organized is helpful in order to stay on track and not lose important belongings. However, being messy can overtake the organization you have worked hard to maintain. At times it may feel like taking one step forward and two steps back.

Disorganized and Clean

This type of cleaner may be the most relatable. Disorganized and clean people are not obsessed with having everything in the right place, but simply want things to be clean enough to feel comfortable.


– A closet full of clothes where nothing is categorized, but everything is on a hanger

– Going through a cleaning frenzy but accidentally tossing an important piece of mail that was in a pile of trash

– Running late to a meeting on recently moped, shiny floors

Pros and Cons

Again, the space will be clean which is important. However, without a schedule the cleaning may not always be consistent. Cleaners like this may end up misplacing important items without even realizing it.

Disorganized and Messy

There are plenty of these types of cleaners, or I suppose “non-cleaners” out there. This is a lifestyle that is hard to break because there are often no schedules or habits formed to maintain a clean environment.


– Not washing dishes because there is no place to put them when they are clean

– Keeping clothes in the dryer until you need to wear them

– Letting trash overflow because you forgot to take the bins out for the garbage truck

Pros and Cons

Unfortunately there are not many benefits to being disorganized and messy. Unless you are using time not spent cleaning to get things done, an environment such as this will actually slow productivity. If one thinks of cleanliness as a reflection of themselves, they may be more inspired to spend more time cleaning.

There is no wrong or right type of cleaner. However, no matter where you find yourself on this scale, you can always make changes that will lead you to a clean lifestyle. The goal is to create a comfortable environment that enhances your life.